A Unique Brand with a Game-Changing Strategy


The BRITIX strategy

Modern Digital Marketing

The vast majority of watch companies ignore the vast community of connoisseurs online on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, and others. Britix is a content creator that interacts with the community, and partners with specialized influencers in order to get the word out in an honest and community-oriented way.


Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce is an important channel for selling fine timepieces. Although some claim that people are not willing to spend thousands online, that has been proven to be false by the obvious success of online watch dealers. Ecommerce is a modern channel that is suitable for many customers.

Retail Network

Physical touchpoints are still required even in the digital age. A large retail network ensures that customers have the opportunity to experience Britix timepieces before they commit to a purchase. Additionally, retailers allow new models to launch more easily and allows Britix to produce in enough volume to justify costs.


Product-First Policy

The product is the Britix message; the heart of the company. If you create a product that your customers love, then you’ve one. That philosophy is what we strive for. So many watch companies focus more on selling than on building a fantastic product portfolio. Every detail, from case to hands, must be thought through entirely in order to be confident in the quality and design of the product.


A Unique Story

Stories sell. Enough said. Founder Colin Carpenter is only fourteen years old, and is an avid watch lover and connoisseur. Such a unique story works to Britix’s advantage when spreading the word about our products. The management seeks to operate through the lens of a watch connoisseur, not an officer of finance.

Lean Operation

Sometimes starting from scratch is a competitive advantage. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Britix has zero overhead because we skip costly manufacturing facilities and distribution points. At this point, every cent goes straight into the business.


Skilled Partners

Britix works with specialized manufacturers, including Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, to achieve superb quality. The savings from using third party manufacturing is passed down to the consumer.

Streamlined Distribution

Distribution channels are distilled to the highest degree in order to avoid grey-market influence and keep Britix watches rare yet available.