BRITIX is a Swiss watch company with history, founded 1928 and has British roots from its founder Henri Quaile. Previous to the foundation of his own company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Mr. Quaile worked in London as a watchmaker for several years.

After the foundation of BRITIX Watch Co. in 1928, the brand became renowned for competitive prices and finest quality of its chronographs. 


In 1961 the company was one of the top 50 Swiss watch factories by turnover and volume. ​


BRITIX employed more than 100 employees and had a yearly output of more than 300'000 watches.

The USA as its principal export market was managed by its US agency, located in the "diamond district" in New York City.

Today, almost 100 years after the brand's foundation, its story continues. Building on the enduring appeal of its iconic collections, in 2021 a new era begins for BRITIX.

BRITIX is a Swiss watch brand for acquisition. This brand meets all the requirements of today's zeitgeist and promises excellent market potential. 

This offer is brought to you by SWB Swiss Watch Brands Ltd, a company  specialized  in ready-to-start business models which support the circular economy and the full circle eco-experience.

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